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About the Owner

Owner of Triple Star Cleaning Company in Christchurch

Hello to all my dear clients, my name is Jim Chen.

I have my first part-time cleaner job in Wellington when I was a Year 12 high school student in 2008, Completed Business and Management degrees in 2012 and continue doing cleaning part-time job during the period, When I found a full-time job as a coffee shop manager and bought a Commercial cleaning Franchises with my business partner and working after business hours as my second job from middle 2012 until 2014, in 2014 I came down Christchurch from Wellington with only $500 left on my pocket after bought an engagement ring for my wife when we have our first baby daughter, you know what happened the life after it .

Triple Star Floor and Upholstery Cleaning team
Carpet Cleaning Vehicle, Commercia Cleaning team in Christchurch

I started my own cleaning company TRIPLE STAR in July 2014, before that, I deeply believed the huge demand of cleaning services and quality result required in Christchurch, from a small Toyota Vitz car I drove down from Wellington to Christchurch and in 2020 we have already owned 2 vans running on the road, from I was the only cleaner in the company, and now Triple Star has more than 10 cleaners and we are still growing!

Triple Star logo has 3 stars, each star has the meaning, "Trust", "Quality", "Service".

I don't only build the good relationship with my clients, but more important is having the truth from my ladies and gentlemen who are working hard to take care of Triple Star's clients, by providing the opportunity of work for them who are on or near retire life and thought they can't do any work or they can't make any income now. But instead, they actually delivered the top-quality top result to all our clients! They impressed me! Triple Star Cleaning would not survive without these lovely cleaners in the past 6 years. They are the most important family members in Triple Star, and I am very happy to see them enjoy working in Triple Star and glad they feel they are important!


Triple Star's goals: providing the opportunity of work with the right pay for the right person, earning the trust from all our clients, deliver the top quality result and providing the best service in this industry.


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